Thursday, June 26, 2008

Toy of the Week 3

This week's toy is a double header of vinyl delight, brought to you by a man who goes by the name of KAWS.

With a start as a graffiti artist in Jersey City and NYC, KAWS made a name for himself by integrating his signature cross bone image into popular ad campaigns from Paris to Tokyo. His designer toys and art features the image that has become synonymous with the name KAWS, many times cross-breeding it with cultural icons like Mickey Mouse and the Simpsons. His work has been called "a disruption of, as well as a tribute to, all objects produced, bought, sold, exchanged, desired, and cherished."

The pieces that have made their way into our grubby little hands are KAWS Dissected (left, obviously) and Darth Vader Companion.

The Dissected figure was released in three colorways: grey-scale, flesh toned and the black/fluorescent featured here, which was limited to 500 pcs. There are a couple 5 foot tall pieces floating around out there someplace too, though finding one of those is like locating the Holy Grail. Dissected is just one of those toys that is awesome to look at with its 80's style colors and guts exposed.

Darth Vader Companion is a classic example of what KAWS does best; an amalgamation of his own brand with a hugely recognizable presence like Star Wars. It makes for a vinyl piece that serves as both a social commentary on consumerism—and a reminder of what a brilliant character Darth Vader is. Check out the nice crafting in his cape…you can almost see it fluttering in the wind as he walks. Check out more at
[Some images via OriginalFake]

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