Thursday, October 14, 2010

KA on G.O.D.

Check out the NYCC podcast on Geeks Of Doom from the Kill Audio creative team. Listen HERE!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NYCC 2010 is OVER.

NYCC was a huge success for Evil Ink, Kill Audio and the Amory Wars. We got the chance to talk with so many of you and really appreciate your enthusiasm for what we do. Can't thank you enough for coming out and allowing us to continue doing what we love. We'll keep you posted on the comic strip Rad Weekend, featuring the Kill Audio characters in their glory.

For now, here are some photos of the day. Enjoy and see you next year.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

EVIL INK joins the CULTYARD for NYCC, Announce signings!

We're thrilled to announce that Evil Ink has moved to The Cultyard at NYCC 2010, where we'll join the likes of Kid Robot, Tokidoki, Toy Tokyo, Tara Mcpherson, Strangeco and more!

"The Cultyard pavilion will bring together art, design, collectible toys, pop-tech and fashion of the underground pop culture scene. The Cultyard “show-within-a-show” at NYCC 2010 will showcase a top-notch list of creative lifestyle companies whose products include urban apparel, collectible designer toys, art and illustration, independent magazine publications, animation, tech and entertainment."

Evil Ink's new booth number is #2575, with signings and events below. Present will be Claudio Sanchez, Kill Audio co-writer Chondra Echert, Kill Audio artist Mr Sheldon and YOTBR & IKS co-writer Mr Peter David.

Fri October 8: 3pm

Sat October 9: 5pm

Sunday is 50% off day (no signings)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More SDCC pics for a lazy Tuesday.

Claudio and Chonny with artist Brian Ewing.

Sweet hoodie!

Mr. Blaze James chats up a fan.

Our semi-annual group photo-with a side of comic legend, Peter David.

Talking shop with Mark Sable of Grounded and Unthinkable.

Photos courtesy of Kira Olsson

Monday, July 26, 2010


A big thanks to Boom! Studios and all who made this year's San Diego Comic Con a huge success...and a crap ton of fun at that. We had a blast meeting you all and showing off the new Kill Audio hardcover, talking music and cons and Stan Lee (oh my!) Here's a light smattering of pics from SDCC. Feel free to post some up on the Kill Audio or Evil Ink Facebook pages if you were able to attend. See you next year.

A home made Kill Audio shirt!

For the first time ever, something simultaneously horrifies the whole crew...and Peter David.

This little guy has the same birthday as Claudio and a Keywork onesie, but doesn't seem impressed.

Turns out the Yuan Twins of "Observe & Report" are Kill Audio fans.

Claudio and artist Alex Pardee, who previewed his work on Zack Snyder's new film, Sucker Punch at SDCC 2010.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Going to San Diego Comic Con? So are we!

Claudio Sanchez, Chondra Echert and Mr. Sheldon will be signing Kill Audio at Boom!Studios Booth #2743 as follows:

THURSDAY 3:00-4:00
FRIDAY 4:00-5:00
SATURDAY 11:00-12:00

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wait no longer...

Kill Audio Hardcover edition in stores JUNE 30th featuring all 6 issues of the series and bonus material!

From Boom!Studios and Evil Ink Comics.

Friday, April 23, 2010

MOMB review of Kill Audio #4-6.

"But the reason (Kill Audio) stands out is because it’s a complete package...The work on display here is so tight you'd almost think it was one person producing the entire story instead of three. Not a panel has been put to waste & not a line of dialogue has been used needlessly. What’s more, these guys just make it look so damn easy."---MOMB

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kill Audio Hardcover edition.

In comic stores April 28, featuring a mind-blowing intro by Richard Starking (Elephantmen, Comicraft) and over 200 pages of rocking, running, singing, dying, bashing, drinking & laughing.

-All 6 issues of Kill Audio
-Extended Recommended Listening page
-Cover gallery
-Never before seen character sketches by Mr. Sheldon
-Love Contractually, an original prose story about the origins of Distress, including illustrations by Aluisio Cervelle Santos
-Talk of a Toucan Q & A

...and MORE!
(Available at book retailers in June.)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Going to see Coheed in the Northeast?

FYI: A limited number of Kill Audio issues and vinyl figures will be available on the current Co & Ca tour for anyone who's going out to the shows and hasn't been able to find them!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pendragon's Post KA #6 Review

Pendragon's Post reviews KA Issue 6:
"I've loved every issue, and this issue is no different. Sanchez and co-writer Chondra Echert have brought everything to an action-packed climax filled with the same violence and humor I've come to expect."--PP

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another great review for KA #6!

Geeks of Doom gives KA #6 a 5/5!

"While incorporating an amount of crass imagery and an over-the-top style, Mr. Sheldon’s work is nothing less than stunning. That being said, it doesn’t take away from Sanchez and Echert’s writing in the least. In fact, Sheldon’s art brings their story to a living and breathing entity that immerses you into their world."--Geeks of Doom

KA #6 gets a 10/10.

OUTHOUSERS Reviews Kill Audio #6

"This book showed just how one goes about pushing the narrative boundaries of comics without leaving the readers behind."--Outhousers

Monday, March 1, 2010

3 Covers of 6.

KA ISSUE 6 In stores March 10th. 34 pages of fighting, filth and friendship. Get it while it's hot.

Cover 6A. Mr. Sheldon.

Cover 6B. Chuck BB.

Cover 6C. Aluisio Cervelle Santos.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting into the Recommended Listening of Kill Audio

From a review group on

"Kill Audio (#5/6)

This is the penultimate chapter of one of the oddest monthlies out there, and it comes with a recommended music list as though the book weren't weird enough already. The first song on it is an old-school prog rock rarity, "Apocalypse in 9/8" as things look grim for the land of Sight and Sound. Turns out Jazz is a traitor, and I feel just a little betrayed myself after I cue up song #2, The End of the World, a 2004 Cure song. Ok, I am just not a fan of recent Cure, but the title works here and the song isn't hard to listen to or long, as the Anti-Art confesses his plan to reset Sight and Sound. Chopin's Nocturne in E minor. Like music when things look grim in a silent film. Will Kill and crew be able to stop the imminent doomsday? Hunh. I've never heard Philip Glass' "They Say Paradise Will Be Perfect", and every site I visit after googling it either wants money to download it or sets off a malware alert from my antivirus software, so I've got no accompaniment for the last bit of the book leading to the cliffhanger at the end. Things look bad for Kill, but I'm not too worried.

Another super-cool BOOM! offering, the eclectic artwork by Mr Sheldon is worth taking a look at this book by itself. Love the use of monochromatic color, too, similar to Cowboy Ninja Viking. Hopefully these folks will keep making comics after KA finishes next month--those of you who trade-wait should keep an eye out for this one!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

KILL AUDIO # 5 in stores TODAY!

In the land of Sight and Sound music has slowly been disappearing. Country, Rock,'s all been going silent. Kill Audio is about to uncover the conspiracy that reveals all, but will he do it before his friends are taken down by the villain that is creating all this chaos?

Add KA to your pulls & pick it up up today.

"KILL AUDIO has brought a unique new creative vision into the realm of comic books, and for that, the readership is eternally better off. "--The Outhouse

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kill Audio Issue 5 Preview on CBR

Cover A. Mr. Sheldon
Cover B. Chuck BB.
Cover C. Aluisio Santos.

ISSUE 5 Preview up on Comic Book Resources. #5 is in stores this WEDNESDAY, Feb. 3, 2010. Cover C variant can be found at MerchNow and don't forget the 1000 exclusive JetPack Comics covers can be found HERE.

Friday, January 22, 2010

MOMB review and Kill Audio subscriptions

For those of you who want the 2 song 7" record above that was released with Issue 4 of KA, there are still some subscriptions remaining at Merchnow.

Also, Monkey on My Back reviewed the first 3 issues of Kill Audio. Check out the full review HERE.

"From the eclectic play lists at the end of each issue to the lyrics interspersed between the reams of ultra violence & witty banter Kill Audio bristles with an appreciation of music for music’s sake."

(photo from

Thursday, January 21, 2010


As HT will no longer be carrying comic books, the Kill Audio #4 cover will be offered through MerchNow at the original price of $4, not $10. GET THEM WHILE THEY'RE HOT!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Having trouble finding the Issue 4 Hot Topic variant cover?

You can now order the cover exclusively through MerchNow. HT covers 5 and 6 will also be available there when released. The variant cover issue, with art and colors by Aluisio Santos, are $10 and can be found HERE.

Monday, January 18, 2010


"The world is so immersive that it is easy to get sucked right in. The reader may recognize this effect from having read Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN."

"As with the other installments, Sanchez and Echert have crafted a story that is both interesting and a great commentary on the struggle between the status quo and artists."


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