Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year from Kill Audio and Evil Ink!

Everyone have a safe and happy start to 2009 tonight.  You'll be seeing more of us in the new year and hopefully we'll see more of you guys too:)  Happy birthday earth!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank you London!

The Playlounge signing was a huge success.  Huge thanks again to all of you who waited in the cold to meet Claudio and get your figures signed, as well as to the wonderful Playlounge gang. We all had a great time and hope you did too!  Photos from the London signing can be found in the Photo section, courtesy of Miranda from Clutter Magazine.  Also, take a second to visit the Playlounge website and scoop up some treats!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Store of the Month December: Munky King.

"In 2003, Patrick and Chanda Lam opened the first designer toy store in Southern California, a quaint little shop in Chinatown Los Angeles. Munky King now has its flagship store on Melrose Avenue showcasing toys, original art, prints. plush, mini figures, art books, and apparel from the designer toy culture. The location has a gallery known for its art shows, artist signings, toy releases, and other special events. Munky King also produces its own line of designer toys with established artists such as Luke Chueh, Thomas Han, The Pizz, Amanda Visell, Nathan Jurevicius, Kii Arens, Dave Pressler, Joe Ledbetter, and Yoskay Yamamoto. Look out for many new and exciting projects to come."

In their own words:
"In his honor we built this temple, filling it with toys that embody his rebellious and creative spirit. Cast from the hearts and minds of independent artists from around the world, these "Designer Toys" or "Art Toys" are part of an ever-growing international phenomenon. In an age where mega-conglomerates churn out mass-produced hunks of cheap plastic, these limited production-run collectibles are revolutionizing the way people think about art and toys."

For those of you not in So-Cal, get the online Munky King experience at their site HERE where you can find tons of sweet vinyl, some incredible art and a couple bloody KA's if you don't have one yet. Happy Shopping!

Can't find a Kill Audio figure but want one?

Follow THIS LINK to order the B & W version from Merchnow.

If you are looking for the bloody variant, call up your local toy/comic shop and ask them to order one for you through DKE distribution.


(Fan pic courtesy of Will McDonough)

Kill Audio featured in TimeOut New York's "Music Gift Guide"

Check out the whole guide HERE or the Press section for more info!

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