Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NYCC 2010 is OVER.

NYCC was a huge success for Evil Ink, Kill Audio and the Amory Wars. We got the chance to talk with so many of you and really appreciate your enthusiasm for what we do. Can't thank you enough for coming out and allowing us to continue doing what we love. We'll keep you posted on the comic strip Rad Weekend, featuring the Kill Audio characters in their glory.

For now, here are some photos of the day. Enjoy and see you next year.


Anonymous said...

Sweet photos !

- Jeremy Sunshine

Anonymous said...

dam i wish i could get a picture with claudio :( Come to england and do somthing like that! come pub with meeeeee!

Christie said...

It was awesome meeting Claudio! I picked up the Kill Audio series and I'm reading them now. Love the dark sense of humor! Thanks for being awesome!


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