Saturday, January 10, 2009

Store of the Month: January 2009

"ROBOTlove is a design store featuring limited edition vinyl toys, designer t-shirts, accessories, prints, books and magazines."  

But even more than that, they have an amazing website where you can find every hard to locate item you've been hunting down.  We learned this when searching for a Camille Rose Garcia "Cherry" figure for a friend this Christmas.  ROBOTlove not only had one available (where nearly every other store didn't), but included a handwritten note to the recipient as well when noting it was a gift.

 Above and beyond, my friends.  THAT is what makes them the perfect Store of the Month, for a brand new year.  Support inter-species relations:  love ROBOTlove.

2648 Lyndale Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Monday thru Saturday 11-7
Sunday 12-6

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