Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Toy of the Week 5

Even after acquiring lots of new pieces for the collection at SDCC 2008, the Toy of the Week goes to a vinyl we picked up at last year's New York Comic Con from Brandt Peters and Mindstyle--the hollow eyed, bomb toting Vintage Slap Happy. Limited to 100 pieces, the solid black on black color way is a stand out figure at 16".

Slap Happy is engaging and terrifying all at once. It is the figure you saw in your little head as a kid every time your parents made you wait, while the creepy clown made you a balloon animal. It's the dark reminder of evil at the heart of something fun-the exploration of a childhood staple manipulated by the the sinister thoughts of the adult mind. And the execution is damn good.

For more of the deliciousness visit HERE.

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