Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Toy of the Week

Hello hello!

As promised, we started to take some pictures of some of the best toys we've come across and thought they might convey why we fell in love with them in the first place.

This little beauty above is called Bertie, World War Robot (the Dirty Deeds edition.) We were one of 6 winners chosen in a blind lottery to purchase a piece at this year's New York Comic Con. What's so great about a toy that it would have to be raffled just for the chance to buy it, you might say? Well, allow us to explain.

Bertie is a robot based on the work of comic illustrator and artist Ashley Wood. The man does gorgeous work and this piece absolutely does it justice in 3-D form. The piece has 40 plus points of articulation, with 3 points in each finger alone. In the toy world, this means Bertie can hold just about anything, as you can see from his firm grasp on the decapitated head here. The rust on him is hand created, the consistent attention to details in coloring, packaging and nearly a dozen well-executed accessories-- is pretty incredible. Bertie is a great example of spending the time and energy to make things not just perfect, but really badass. The designers of this toy were hands on and involved in its creation from start to finish.

We think that's how things should be, whether it's a comic, a toy, an album...whatever. Creating something really cool is about the process. Hopefully, our love for the mediums we work in will shine through as much as Bertie.

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